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Cisco Packet Tracer

A free network simulation and visualization tool for the IoT era.

Why Learn with Packet Tracer

The best way to learn about networking is to see what happens when you connect devices and things. Cisco Packet Tracer, an innovative network simulation and visualization tool, helps you practice your configuration skills and see the results from your desktop or mobile device. Use Packet Tracer to:

  • Sharpen your skills for a job interview.
  • Prepare for a certification exam.
  • Practice what you learn in networking courses.
  • Build your skills for Internet of Things jobs.

Packet Tracer is an essential learning tool used in these Cisco Networking Academy courses: IT Essentials, CCNA Routing and Switching, CCNA Security, Intro to Internet of Things (IoT), and Mobility Fundamentals.

Learn Your Way, Where You Are

The Cisco Networking Academy puts everything you need to deliver a top-quality IT skills and career building program into a single online learning platform.

  • 1 million people log in each month to learn and teach.
  • 20,000 instructors have become certified to teach the Networking Academy curriculum.
  • 155 million exams have been taken online to date in the online learning platform.
  • OS: Windows / Linux
  • CPU: Intel / AMD
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • HDD: 500 MB

cisco_packet_tracer_v7.0__Windows 76.3 MB82.3 MB
cisco_packet_tracer_v7.0__Linux 111.9 MB106.9 MB