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As you can see, this site has ads intrusive, (although we are quite opposed to this type of “spam.”).

Of course we didn’t put anything that could damage the navigability of the user, we have introduced any of automatic popups.


Because we want to have a clean site and usable by the user.

Though some costs there are …


If you want to support us with a donation we would be really pleased (coming soon there will be news on this point!), if you want to donate, click the paypal button


We also accept bitcoins to our address: 1Ea1xVs9GGGQu5UAr2wu4MupqBGxZxRU4Y

If you want to support us without a donation, you can do so by registering (and using, of course) on these sites through our referral 🙂


Instant Gaming

All Debrid



Don’t forget to put even I like to our Facebook page, and follow the main site, i.e. Informatica Semplice, by which started it all!

Thank you for following us and support us for the service we offer 🙂

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